You will find many people calling themselves serial entrepreneurs and create their presence almost everywhere, be it social media, newspapers, conferences but it is not what it seems. Fact is that most of the people calling themselves a serial entrepreneur is not.

Let me clarify the concept of “serial entrepreneur” first.

They are serial starters, which means that they are people who see a series of businesses and never finish developing it. They lack the dedication and commitment required by the entrepreneurs. When the time gets tough, they do not find any motivation to continue the business and quit.

TheSERIAL ENTREPRENEUR is the rare set of people who build a series of businesses and realize the potential of business before moving on further. Fighting against all odds and most importantly the social mentality has become one of the core element of JC Ventures. The dedication and devotion have led to the humble beginning & foundation of JC Ventures which now comprises of multiple companies and heading the path of success.

The JC story has begun over 20 years ago with the dream of empowering people and transforming lives. Setting the clear goals has helped me to overcome the challenges and fighting against all odds and most importantly, the social mentality wherein education is not considered essential. The first initiative was made by founding the computer education center and soon, it has become a pioneer in the industry. Network for Information and Computer Technology (NICT) was founded to disseminate the ICT education and it has expanded in numerous territories. We have responded to each and every opportunity that has come our way and soon, the group was moved into a banking and financial service provider across the country. NICT provides direct and indirect employment to over ten thousand people and drives positive changes in the life of four crore people every day.

The devotion towards set goals has helped in the foundation of JC Ventures, a techno-commercial organization that currently deals with diverse sectors including e-commerce, healthcare and wellness, BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) services and also contribute to the society in the best possible manner through the means of JC Global Foundation. My vision is to fulfill the dreams of young India and JC Ventures is a way to do it because it is just not an enterprise, but a vision to boost the careers of ambitious youth in the country.